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Did you know that it takes an average of 80 calls to acquire one prospect? Now imagine how many hours of the day your employees would waste if outbound telesales were getting in the way of their other responsibilities. That’s where we come in.

Our educated, friendly, dedicated sales professionals will filter through your database and contact prospective customers on your behalf. Because we have all received a lead generation call at one point or another, we know how important it is to use a soft sell, pressure-free approach, always being courteous and respectful of your customers, and ensuring that they feel like valued members of your client base.

Featured Client Case Study

Lead Generation Service Succeeds for Accounting Firm

“Rubino has closed $652,000 in revenue through Abstrakt appointments and referrals, much of which has been recurring work for several years.”

The Client

Rubino & Company is a large CPA firm located in Bethesda, Maryland and focuses on servicing the Washington DC area. They specialize in working with non-profit organizations and government contractor clients. They offer a full spectrum of CPA functions ranging from mergers to assistance in obtaining finance. Rubino has been the recipient of many awards including the 2010 Greater Washington Society of CPA’s Firm of the Year Award and is determined to be known for industry excellence and client satisfaction.

The Challenge

The client had a firm grip on the Washington DC market for some time, however, looking ahead, their projections were not satisfying their goals. The company realized that the influx of clients being obtained was slowing down. The client’s goal was to develop a steady flow of new clients that would allow business to grow while they still took care of their existing clients. This became a heavy burden to bear with the employees that they had. Abstrakt approached the company with a solution to enhance their prospect pool and increase their current client base, all while still meeting their current client’s needs.

The Solution

The client’s main struggle is that they needed to grow their business, thus Abstrakt implemented their business growth solution, Pipeline. Through the use of Pipeline, the client was able to let go of the issues that held them back. They now had more time to dedicate to meeting their current client’s wants and needs. Abstrakt developed a pool of well-qualified prospects that were exactly what the client was looking for. After the development of the pool, Abstrakt nurtured the company’s prospects and set appointments with the decision makers at their target companies.

The Results

After three years of partnership with the client, Abstrakt has identified over 4,000 prospective clients for the company, all of which are looking to re-evaluate their current accounting partnerships. Because of the Pipeline program, the client knows exactly when their prospects will be actively looking for their services. Thus far, the client has closed $652,000 in revenue through Abstrakt appointments and referrals, much of which has been recurring work for several years. The company has also received over 100 appointments from Abstrakt and over 70 leads on prospects that are looking to go out on a bid in the next year.