Lead Generation for Travel, Tourism, and Aviation Companies

You’re experts in maintaining clientele; we’re experts in bringing the clientele to you. Let us help you generate business that matters. 

Appointment Setting Services for
Travel, Tourism, and Aviation Industries

Now that more people are starting to emerge from their home offices and get back to normal life, the travel industry is booming. Last year’s canceled vacations are turning into multi-week affairs. As individuals and businesses embark on planning the vacation of a lifetime, many of them need help from a dedicated travel business—that could be you.

To reach the people that need your services, you can’t just sit and wait for them to call; you need to find them. With B2B appointment setting services, you can reach hundreds of potential clients, give them a reason to partner with your business, and convince your best prospects to choose you as their travel company. 

B2B appointment setting services vary by industry. At Abstrakt, we can tweak our program to fit any travel, tourism, or aviation company. 

Travel Incentives

Travel incentives are a great reward for employees who achieve their sales and business goals. The goal of travel incentive companies is to provide businesses with travel incentives that cost the business less money than paying for the trip out of pocket. These travel programs are often used in sales, financial, and insurance industries. 

As travel restrictions lift, employers are taking advantage of incentive travel programs because it motivates and emotionally engages employees to remain productive and stay with the company. Through Abstrakt appointment setting services, our sales development representatives contact prospective businesses looking for new ways to boost employee engagement. We have the opportunity to generate qualified leads for your travel incentive company through cold calling practices. 

Travel and Tourism Agencies

Business aviation services may initially seem far-fetched for most businesses, but it could save them money if many employees are frequent flyers. Business aviation services reach out to companies to ask if they’ve considered fractional or full ownership of private jets and helicopters. The more companies travel for business, the more points they build up for free flights—or even better—partial or full jet ownership.

The appointment setters here at Abstrakt are well-equipped to pitch your aviation services to companies around the nation. They can help you develop leads based on how often their employees have to travel for business. 

Aviation Services

A travel agency is a service provider that accommodates travel and tourism-related services to individuals and businesses; they offer various traveling packages for your travel destination. Travel and tourism agencies generally provide companies a much more discounted rate than if the business owner were to plan a trip out of pocket.  

Many businesses require travel to meet with clients and potential customers, host events, attend conferences, and close deals. With Abstrakt appointment setting services, your travel and tourism agency has the opportunity to generate high-quality leads for new business opportunities. 

Due to COVID-19, many travel and tourism agencies closed their doors in response to travel restrictions. If businesses previously used a travel and tourism agency for their company travel needs, their provider may have gone out of business; therefore, they’re looking for a new one. Our sales team can be the leader of your B2B lead generation strategy and build and maintain business for good. 

We Want Your Business To Fly High

Traveling went away for a while, but it’s coming back. With Abstrakt appointment setting and marketing services, your travel, tourism, and aviation companies have the opportunity to grow more than ever before. The time is now.

Our Approach To B2B Appointment Setting Services

Due to COVID-19, unfortunately, many travel providers went out of business. As companies start having nationwide in-person events again, they’re looking to book flights, hotels, venues, and more. 

With Abstrakt appointment setting services, your company can be the solution they’ve been looking for. We have a strategic approach to generating business for your travel, tourism, and aviation company.


Identify Target Market

Identifying a target market is the most critical step to ensuring your B2B lead generation strategy goes to plan. In this step, you’ll identify the types of industries and businesses you’d like to partner with. 


Cleanse Company Information

In this phase of the appointment setting process, our appointment setters confirm who the decision-maker is, identify their contact information (such as name, title, and email address), and gather vital market research data that will help you better understand the market you’re operating in.


Introduce Your Company

In the Introduction Phase, our goal is to have the best possible conversation with your prospect. If they want to set up some time to meet then and there—great! If not, the door is left open so we can continue building that relationship over time. As we reach more decision-makers, we have the opportunity to collect more information and establish a timeline. 


Nurture the Potential Partnership

The Lead Nurturing Phase is about delivering relevant, interactive content via email to prospects in their beginning stages of the sales process. Each month, email drip campaigns are sent to the prospect to remind them that we haven’t forgotten about them and their potential partnership. 

In addition to the email campaigns, our sales team reaches out every three months or when their timeline suggests we reach back out to them; this allows us to have an effective conversation with them and better understand where they’re at in the sales process. 


Schedule an Appointment With a Prospective Partner

Once your potential customers are ready to make financial moves, we set the appointment with them, send you the call recording, and update your Lead Management Portal with all pertinent notes to help you prepare for your meeting and secure a sale. 

Marketing Services for Travel, Tourism, and Aviation

B2B appointment setting services play a critical role in your company’s lead gen strategy; however, having an up-to-date digital platform also plays a vital role. Here are some of the services our marketing team offers for businesses in the travel, tourism, and aviation industry:

  • Website design and development: An appealing website design allows your business to start on the right foot with prospective customers. Through our website development services, you can have a productive and professional site that increases traffic, drives engagement, and promotes business growth.
  • Social media marketing: As social media has taken over our digital world, it’s no wonder why social media marketing is more relevant today than ever before. Abstrakt’s social media marketing services enable you to have an active and engaging B2B presence on LinkedIn as well as other platforms. Our Pipeline Social services include creating organic posts, managing social advertisements, and ensuring your profile information stays accurate and relevant to the public. 
  • SEO services: SEO services and website design and development work hand-in-hand. With Abstrakt SEO services, we turn words into web traffic and website visitors into revenue. Through SEO, we can help you boost conversion rates, promote high-quality content, and monitor every component of your website. 
  • Marketing collateral: Marketing collateral is a great addition to take with you to your appointments set. We help travel, tourism, and aviation industries like yours create assets like brochures, pamphlets, infographics, and more for them to take to appointments and leave with the prospect. 
  • Video production: Want to tell your company story and highlight how you’ve helped other businesses with their travel needs? If so, then video production would do the trick! High-quality videos are an efficient way to tell your story and gain the attention of prospective businesses. It adds a personal approach and allows prospects to put themselves in your client’s shoes. 

The Simple Solution

We have years of experience working with local St. Louis companies to generate leads. Let’s talk about how we can help your business.

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Ready to Grow Your Business?

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Get a Head Start on Your Competition

After COVID-19, all bridges between companies and travel, tourism, and aviation industries were burnt. With Abstrakt appointment setting and marketing services, we can help you pick up the dust. Companies are starting to travel again, and we want them to think of you when it comes to their travel needs. As things begin to move in a more positive light, we can help you develop your business so you don’t have to start from the ground up. Get a head start on your competition to reach prospective businesses before their travel wants become travel needs.

Travel, tourism, and aviation services all have one thing in common: they’re good at what they do. However, very few are good at prospecting and nurturing potential business opportunities. When you partner with Abstrakt Marketing Group, you get an all-in-one solution for B2B sales and marketing. Our appointment setting and marketing services don’t compare to any other lead generation company, making us the right choice. Connect with us today to discover how we can be your partner in travel, tourism, and aviation sales!

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When we work with you, we don’t work with anyone else in your market. We are in the trenches helping grow your market share and sales. How could we do the same thing for your competitors?



When you invest in us, we invest in you. You’ll have an activity or lead guarantee, and if we don’t hit it, we’ll work for free until we do.


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