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Abstrakt helps your B2B LED company get more leads and contracts by identifying potential customers within your market area. We contact and set appointments with decision makers from various commercial facilities that meet your specific qualifications.

We provide both inbound and outbound lead generation services for LED lighting companies all over the country, but we exclusively partner with only one company in each market. Our expertise in the commercial cleaning industry enables us to identify and use the most efficient lead generation tools and vehicles to find the best LED leads.

Our outbound services consist of appointment setting for you with pre-qualified prospects so you get quality face-to-face meetings with target clients who are sales-ready. Our inbound services include a comprehensive package of digital marketing tactics, including SEO, content management, social media and web development.

You know light emitting diodes, incandescent bulbs and white light. We know LED lead generation. Together, we’ll get your business in front of top-quality, sales-ready leads.

You Have Questions, We’ve Got Answers

What can Abstrakt offer us?

Abstrakt can grow your business at a fraction of the cost it would require to do the identical process in-house. We provide qualified opportunities and potential clients by generating interest and setting appointments for your company. We can guarantee five appointments set for your business per month, or 60 per year. Of course, this is subject on each industry.

Where are you located?

We are located in St. Louis, Missouri, although we partner with over 600 clients across the country. We have about 250 employees currently. Our Partner Sales Representatives are located here too, unlike our competitors that have a local headquarters while its representatives are located 2,000 miles away. We keep everything under the same roof to increase productivity across departments and minimize the typical issues that can arise with satellite offices.

What are the benefits of having Partner Sales Representatives call on our behalf?

Our partner sales representatives help a company really identify what their key target market should be. They help identify critical sales data to put the organization in a better spot to succeed going forward. They’re helping with top of mind awareness and branding, as well as creating sales appointments and new business opportunities.

How will we be able to monitor the progress of our campaign?

We use Salesforce to track and analyze campaigns. It helps us throughout every stage of our lead generation strategy, from finding qualified leads to providing phone recordings for you to listen and score.

How do you know who my prospects are?

With your help, we’ll outline what an ideal prospect looks like for your business. We will then use that information to narrow down opportunities to only those fitting that criteria, ensuring you are only receiving qualified, sales ready appointments.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a marketing approach focused on attracting customers through content that this relevant and helpful. With inbound marketing, potential customers are able to find your company through channels such as blogs, search engines, and social media.

Social media - does that just mean Facebook?

While Facebook is one of the social sites we recommend our clients to use, it’s not the only one! We will manage up to five social sites on behalf of your business. It’s up to you to decide which social media platforms on which to create a presence for your business. Most B2B companies benefit from posting and engaging with users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Other platforms to consider, depending on your business, could be Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and more.

How do you write for so many different industries?

Based on the info you provide to the team in implementation and ongoing monthly meetings, Abstrakt ensures that all social media and content managers are trained on the company that they are representing.

Are you a full service agency?

We are! We have the professionals here to execute every aspect of an inbound marketing strategy, including digital strategists, content managers, graphic designers, social media managers, copywriters and web developers. With Abstrakt, you will have a Virtual Marketing Manager that will be your point of contact and is able to oversee every component of the process.  

What do you use to create websites?

Our web development team uses WordPress. You can check out the portfolio of our websites we’ve designed here.

How can we get started?

Featured Client Case Study

The Client

A Colorado-based supplier and manufacturer of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for North American markets, focusing on providing the latest high performance LED lamps to municipalities and commercial/industrial customers. Switching to LED lamps will dramatically reduce energy consumption and lighting maintenance costs compared to using incandescent and fluorescent lamps. They offer a broad range of LED lighting products to meet the needs of practically any lighting requirement.

“Abstrakt’s proficiency in understanding our message, product, and industry fast-tracked us to discovering genuine sales opportunities that have converted into successful won projects and has grown our revenue with a significant ROI.”

The Challenge

Like their competitors, the client was faced with the challenge of reaching new prospects while nurturing the prospects they already had in their sales pipeline. The prospecting activities that their salespeople were able to engage in internally just weren’t reaching broad enough. The client had a specific message they wanted to deliver to their prospects and were unsure if an outsourced solution would be able to learn that message quickly or deliver the results they wanted. However, knowing their sales funnel needed to continually have new leads entering it in order to meet their aggressive revenue goals, they turned to Abstrakt to help set appointments for the company’s sales consultants.

The Solution

The client partnered with Abstrakt Marketing Group to achieve several goals, all of which centered on attracting the attention of decision-making executives, director level and above. Recognizing that the client had various targets– building owners, property management groups, and facility directors –Abstrakt developed targeted messages for the different title paths and worked with the client on calling and objection handling scenarios. As the Pipeline program got underway, Abstrakt was proactive in uncovering opportunities and looking for trends in the calling data that could strengthen the effort.

The Results

Eight months into the partnership, the client has $245,000 in closed business and $466,000 worth of additional proposals in their pipeline. They credit the program’s success to Abstrakt’s high-quality Partner Sales Representatives and management staff. “Abstrakt’s proficiency in understanding our message, product, and industry fast-tracked us to discovering genuine sales opportunities that have converted into successful won projects and has grown our revenue with a significant ROI”.