Web Development

Building a website that is not only visually appealing, but also ranks well in search engines is no easy task. At Abstrakt, web design and development is our specialty. Whether you want to create a website from scratch or fix up an existing site, we’re ready to partner with you to make it an effective lead generation machine. We develop websites that convert visitors into buyers and buyers into long-term customers. Our websites are optimized for search engines from day one and continuously optimized throughout our partnership so you can outrank competitors.

What Makes a Pipeline Website Better?

  1. SEO Infrastructure
  2. Grow Keyword Rankings
  3. Better Website Speed
  4. Drive More Web Traffic
  5. Increase Lead Conversions
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Your Business Website = Your Digital Identity

Your website is your online identity and the face of your business. At Abstrakt, we use our expertise to design a website that improves the user experience and boosts your search engine ranking. Our efforts will ensure your brand and content end up in front of more eyes.

What You Get:

  • A custom domain with web hosting for (1) year
  • Blog integration and content execution – 15,000 words
  • 30 pages of content with meta descriptions optimized for SEO
  • Clean UX/UI – responsive design, user-friendly navigation, matches branding
  • New site will rank 90th percentile in all audits
  • Social media, analytics and form integration
  • Keyword analysis and competitive research
  • WordPress development
  • Lead conversion tools
  • Custom sitemap
  • Optimized for mobile and web
  • Keyword/image optimized
  • Custom imagery/CTAs
  • SEO focused content
  • Social media integration
  • Ongoing page additions

Your Business Website = Your Digital Identity

Building a website that is optimized for the user experience and for search engines is something that requires the work of experts. When you build a website with Abstrakt, you have a whole team of dedicated experts working together to build you a website that will bring in more customers. The people working together with your business and behind the scenes to bring your website to life include the following team members:

  • Digital Project Manager—Your Digital Project Manager is your main point of contact throughout the entire process of your website build. They will frequently hold progress meetings throughout the process and show you your website as it’s being built. If you need to speak with other team members responsible for parts of your website build, they will also facilitate this communication between your team and our team while answering any questions you may have.
  • Virtual Marketing Manager—Your Virtual Marketing Manager will be introduced to you during your website build. Once your new website is launched, your Virtual Marketing Manager will become your main point of contact. They are responsible for helping you optimize and make changes to your website that will help you to rank higher and gain even more customers.
  • Web Developers & Designers—The Web Developers and Graphic Designers are the site builders. They are responsible for bringing your website into existence. They will build your website on the back end of WordPress and use top-quality site builder tools to make your new site a visual masterpiece.
  • Digital Strategist—Your Digital Strategist is responsible for building your sitemap and determining the best way to get your website ranking and in front of customers. They will perform keyword research using SEMrush and work closely with Copywriters to ensure that the keywords are incorporated into your site’s content.
  • Copywriter—Your Copywriter is responsible for writing all the content on your website. Our team will host a content call with your team in which the Copywriter will gather information for every page on your site. Using the information we gathered on the content call plus our own research, we write SEO-focused content that will rank your website higher than competitors.
  • Editor—Abstrakt has quality assurance metrics in place to ensure that the most clean, concise, and professional content ends up on your website. A dedicated SEO Copy Editor is assigned to every single website that we build. Your editor will be checking content for grammar, keywords, and general cohesiveness.

Building Your Website: Our Process

  1. Initial Meeting With Project Manager to Outline Project Timeline
  2. Digital Strategist Develops a Keyword Strategy and SEO Sitemap
  3. Copywriter Writes SEO-Friendly Content
  4. Editor Reads and Edits Every Page of Content
  5. Progress Meeting to Preview the New Website
  6. New Website is Launched
  7. You Are Passed to Your New Point of Contact (Virtual Marketing Manager)
  8. You Receive Ongoing Content and Continuous Optimizations to Improve Your Site
Keyword Strategy SEO Sitemap Icons

Developing a Keyword Strategy and Building an SEO Sitemap

Your SEO sitemap and keyword strategy is a blueprint for growth within your top 100 keywords. The sitemap is the core of an Abstrakt website.

  • Based on keyword analysis, competitive intelligence and an overall site audit, we generate a sitemap document.
  • Keyword volumes, competitor search terms and your products and services influence our page and future content recommendations.

Sitemap and strategy

includes the following according to Google best practices.

  • Page navigation and structure
  • Focus keywords and search volumes
  • URLS and title tags

The Website Development Process

After your sitemap is approved, our team will develop your website with keyword-rich content and beautifully designed pages that are easy to use to attract your customers and increase their time spent on your optimized website. Web developers use a proprietary code base that allows each of our sites to achieve top performance scores on the Google website performance tool for both desktop and mobile.

What’s included

• Blog integration
• Clean UX/UI
• Lead conversion tools
• Mobile optimization
• Responsive design
• Custom Imagery/CTA’s
• SEO focused content
• New site will rank 90th percentile in all audits
• Social media integration
• Ongoing page additions

Build Website

How Your Website Will Look

We customize your website to match your branding, message and unique vision, but all of our websites include many of the same elements.

  • User-friendly navigation menu
  • Banner image
  • CTA buttons and forms
  • Featured services
  • About your company
  • Testimonials
  • Optional: Featured projects, “Our Process”, additional content
  • Footer: locations, email addresses, social media links, phone numbers, site navigation

The End Result: A Stunning Website That Will Rank and Get Your Message in Front of Customers

It doesn’t matter how great your products or services are; if you can’t get them in front of users, you won’t get new customers. Allow the experts at Abstrakt to step in and help. We will create a fully functioning website that your business will not only be proud to show off, but that will rank in search engines above competitors so that you can generate more business. To start building your website with Abstrakt, contact us today.

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