Social Return 101

Social Return is known for converting social space into accountable social marketing strategies. It’s not a surprise that the way a company looks on social media is extremely important to the reputation of that company.  Social media outlets are easily accessed and give direct feedback from the consumers to the public. Potential customers will go onto social media accounts and read reviews and comments about a company before they even go to Google to look up the actual website. The way a business is portrayed on social media is a one of the first impressions prospective customers will have of the company before they even step foot in the actual establishment. A company could have the best staff and business environment around, but they will not succeed if they continually have bad reviews and posts on their social media accounts.

To help companies boost their online reputation, Social Return has established four main components of their social media solution,

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Reporting

Although the way a company looks online is important, so is driving the right customers to their social media sites, which is exactly what happens with Social Media Management. By driving very specific consumer traffic to a company’s website and store, the company can create a successful social marketing message to increase the sales and communications to their targeted audience. This strategy transitions the company’s social media platform from a one-way social space that customers comment on, to an engaged conversation between the company and the consumer.

Incorporating the right audience with the right message, Social Marketing helps spread the word about your products and services a company has to offer. Not only is the message being delivered, but Social Return is also able to manage the feedback on the company’s social platform and track what is working and what isn’t. This takes the stress off of the business partners, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

Although some people feel they are not the type of person to write an online review,  there are plenty of people who enjoy doing so. Not only do many people enjoy writing reviews, but these reviews are taken very seriously and are highly trusted. In fact, online reviews influence at least 70% of automotive consumers in their decision to buy a vehicle. Reviews are a very important part of the buying process and are an important resource for consumers. This is why Reputation Management is so important to a company’s social pages. Although some people may leave negative comments, it is important that responses to all comments are genuine. This shows that the company really cares about their customers. Keeping the not-so-happy reviews is more beneficial to building a company’s reputation than having them all removed. Potential customers will see the sincerity and professionalism in the follow up to the negative reviews and are more likely to give the company a chance.

According to the Vice President of Social Return, Jason Bahnak, “The most important and helpful feature of Social Return is utilizing the web traffic a company will receive. This web traffic is by far the best traffic the company will be seeing and it is all because of our social plan. Understanding the web traffic is so important because the traffic received from the program is the best when it comes to the quality and cost of each visit. When a business is using this web traffic to their advantage, it will not only help them in the long run, but it is also very cost effective for their business.

“When it comes to reporting the digital marketing activities our partners take part in, we understand that their processes come with costs and problems. The way we report for our partners helps make the process easier for them and it saves their team many hours, which in turn increases their ROI. The way we report for a company will not only attract new clients to their business but it will also help retain their existing clients as well.”

The next time you’re thinking about handing your social media and reputation management over to someone, think of Social Return.