Social Media Tips for Marketing Your Business in the Last 100 Days of 2017

2017 has flown by, but there’s still time to make small changes that can lead to big improvements for your marketing strategy. Social media is something that’s relatively easy to fix quickly. Below you’ll find 5 tips for keeping your social media accounts working effectively and benefiting your company.

Join the right conversations. Interaction with your audience is important, but participating in the right conversations is crucial. Not every tweet or comment needs a reply. Instead, focus your energy on giving detailed responses to the questions and concerns posed by your audience. This will encourage relationships to be built with customers.

Be mindful of people’s time, attention and surroundings. Online videos should not include long-winded introductions and rambling. Very few people will sit through a video over 5 minutes long, as 2 minutes is the ideal length. Be sure that the speaking volume and any music volume included is at the same level to be courteous to your listeners.

Make sure the site is mobile-friendly. Few things are more cringe-worthy than a navigation menu of blue Times New Roman text and articles misaligned because a site lacks a fluid design. Having a site that works on mobile devices, tablets and desktops is so important in the digital age.

Use links! Include links in your social media posts to drive traffic to your site. On platforms such as Instagram, however, a site address does not become a hyperlink within the caption. Instead, accounts can list the site they want users to access in their bio on their profile. Be aware of the differences of these sites to avoid inconveniencing your audience – and potentially losing leads!

Remind happy customers to share feedback. This one speaks for itself. If a customer is satisfied with the service provided to them, be sure to ask them to share their experience!

With these tips you’ll find that small changes will make a significant impact on the performance of your social media platforms. Hopefully, these improvements will increase engagement and interaction, which will in turn lead to more business for you!