SEO/SEM Happenings 2016

Sometimes I think search engine optimization gets a bad wrap. People often think it’s a lot harder to understand than it really is.

Optimizing organic content on your website and social media sites is at its highest demand, 33% of traffic with organic searches on Google chose the first item listed. Not to mention, content from all of your social sites is becoming more and more visible to anyone searching on your name or services. Deals are already in place between Google, Facebook and Twitter to have social content like usernames and tweets show up in search results. All of this shows that the line between searching, using the internet and using social media is absolutely fading. It is important as a company to take advantage of relevant keywords and hashtags so that you are showing up in every single relevant search to new and existing customers!

One way to jazz up your keywords is to think outside the box. If you are a shoe company instead of just using the keywords, “shoe” and “shoes”, think of every item you sell in your store. You could drive a lot more traffic to your website by adding in keywords such as “running shoes”, “women’s shoes”, “children’s shoes”, “athletic shoes”. Adding in these descriptive keywords will ensure that you are getting the right people to your website so that you have a better chance that a purchase of a product or service is actually made.

If you’re still having a hard time understanding how SEO/SEM works there are some really great and free YouTube videos and certifications you can get to broaden your knowledge. My advice would be to first follow the Google YouTube account; they update their channel on a very regular basis and provide great videos for anyone wanting to learn about analytics or SEO.