SEO: A Digital Margarita

margaritaMuch like a margarita, SEO is made up of numerous parts and can have a variety of combinations, depending on the taste of the customer and their flavor preferences. The proportions of each ingredient and SEO tool contributes to the whole, making it essential that you use only the best. While margarita critics may differ on the specific tequila brand or type of garnish, there are fundamental parts of this drink that make it a classic. The same applies to SEO. Make a quality digital margarita for your company with these six parts. 


Glass = Web Domain

While not the most important part of your SEO margarita, the glass in which you serve your creation will impact not only the presentation but also the taste of your margarita. Just as you wouldn’t serve a margarita in a coffee mug, your site name should be appropriately matched to your industry and brand.

The analogy also extends to the cleanliness and quality of your glass. Serving a margarita in an obviously broken or dirty glass is a quick way to acquire a very unhappy customer or even a displeased judge in the great mixology competition that is SEO. In website terms, this could be thought of as the design and amount of security on your site. A lack of professional design can make your site appear to be unsafe to customers, and these conditions can ruin any other good effort you put into your SEO margarita.


Content = Liquor

Bon Appetit says, “Since the principal flavor of the margarita is the tequila, it’s important to make sure you’ve got the best stuff you can get your hands on.” The same applies to your site. Having the best content will ensure your site’s SEO ranks high. There are many types of tequila and types of content out there, making the choice unique to your taste and business.

While there are many options available for content, it is important to remember the quality of content is more important than the type. High-quality writing allows you much more flexibility when sprinkling in keywords and other ingredients, and also guarantees you a strong optimization foundation. It’s also important to remember what your customers came for – no matter how fancy the margarita, the content must be relevant to the context of the user’s search.


thumb likeIce = Social Media

Some prefer their margaritas frozen, while others like them on the rocks. The same applies to social media. Not every social channel is meant to be used by every type of company. In fact, using too much ice or social media channels can end up watering down your content. However, much like a frozen margarita, a well-blended social media strategy can take a margarita’s taste from tasty to heavenly. It all comes back to your individual digital marketing strategy. Keep your SEO margarita icy with your social media – without watering it down.


Links = Mixer

A classic margarita usually consists of tequila, triple sec and fresh lime juice. These mixers are the link builders of your digital margarita, and the secret is finding a balance in which all parts combine to create a delicious drink. Much like your content, your link building must be top-notch and not bring down the quality of the drink as a whole. Internal links also help search engines understand how your site’s pages are related, what their level of importance is on your site and their relevance for specific searches. Inserting links to 404 error pages or sites that no longer exist is like using lime juice that’s gone bad. It can quickly do a lot of damage to your whole margarita and site’s ranking.

“When a site links to your blog or a post you’ve written, Google sees it as a recommendation to their readers, like a vote of confidence. Write great content that helps your audience, guest post on other blogs, feature in roundups and you will get lots of backlinks. These will increase your ranking in Google’s searches and your domain authority.” –Minuca Elana

Off-site links are also important. The more inbound links you have pointing to your site from high-authority sources, the better your perceived credibility, and the higher your website will rank. However, any links deemed irrelevant, spammy, or unnatural could earn you a penalty rather than a boost–so be careful how and where you acquire your inbound links. Users want to share and link to great content, so publishing quality content will attract inbound links. Keep your mixers and links fresh, and you’ll reap the benefits.


Salt or Sugar = Organic or Paid

While salt is what you’ve always known while blogging, sugar might just give your margarita the extra boost to get noticed. The decision for sugar vs salt or organic vs paid should take into account factors such as budget, target customer and market. If taking a risk from the classic margarita salted rim will benefit your company, try the sugar approach and use pay-per-click!


Lime = Your Site’s Visual Elements

A lime will rarely make or break your margarita. However, it can be that extra touch that transforms your SEO mixology from ordinary to extraordinary. In SEO terms, the lime could be considered visually-appealing elements like video on your site. They add an extra touch to get an inside look at your product, services or just overall business.

Now you know, SEO really is a digital margarita. All you need to make yours is a strong base of quality content tequila, fresh link mixers, social media ice, salt or sugar on the rim and a lime for design served in the clean glass of an appropriate and safe domain makes for the perfect happy hour treat.

But what’s a margarita without chips and salsa? SEO should be integrated with your entire marketing strategy for best results. A comprehensive process will help your company accomplish your goals as a team. Find out more about implementing a cohesive process in your business here.