Pipeline Lead Management Portal

  • Lead Management

    Monitor and manage all new sales leads

  • Appointments Calendar

    View all upcoming sales appointments

  • Monthly Results Meeting

    Review all monthly meeting notes with your Pipeline Partner Sales Manager and Virtual Marketing Manager

  • Invoices

    View all open and closed Abstrakt invoices

  • Survey Results

    Review all Pipeline sales call results

  • Reporting

    Outbound and Inbound leads, web analytics and social engagement

    • Audience
    • Benchmarking
    • Acquisition
    • Real-time visitor updates
    • Conversions
    • Digital analytics

Pardot and Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides insight to each user’s journey through your POWERSITE. Pardot provides extensive data on your converted web leads.

Our seamless integration of Pardot and Google Analytics will finally fix all leaks in your sales pipeline and drive explosive new growth. Our analytics will allow for real-time notifications on visitors and immediate sales follow-up.

Inbound Portal Images

Data Driven

Google Analytics provides us the necessary data and information to otimize your inbound lead generation strategy.

Abstrakt utilizes Google Analytics to help improve the layout of your website and improve your local SEO. We track where website visitors come from (whether it’s Google, Yahoo, website referral, advertising) and see where they go on your website, how many of them come back to your website later on, what browser/operating system they used, and how long they stayed on your website and certain webpages. Google Analytics also provides the ability to compare traffic over different time periods with any date range wanted.

Abstrakt takes all of the information Google Analytics provides for us on your website with visual charts and tracking to show you in order to understand where pages are performing or under-performing. We use Google Analytics connected to your WordPress site so we can not only track your website, but your blog as well.

Our team performs real analysis each month, breaking down campaign results and turning website activity into actionable insights. We take the information Google Analytics provides for us and use it to improve your website and advertisements instead of just knowing and taking no action. We provide the Google Analytics charts and reports to you at the end of each month with your monthly report so you remain in the loop with your website and the action we take to keep it performing productively and keeping your business in the spotlight, whether on Google or another search engine.