Boost Your Company’s Online Strategy with Interactive Content

Interactive ContentIf your company is utilizing social media sites such as Facebook, you have created written content and most likely some visual, too. Posting informational blogs and articles show potential clients your expertise. Posting videos and photos give your company a creative edge that attracts the eye of clients. What if you could incorporate both elements into a single piece of content to boost interactive content on your client’s end?

Good news – it’s simpler than you think. Content that encourages the audience to scroll or click is preferred by 91% of B2B buyers. (DemandGen Report). Interactive content can include quizzes, polls, surveys, contests and infographics. This content can be broken down into three categories: assessments, calculators and interactive ebooks. Each category plays a specific role in the three stages of buying: awareness, evaluation and decision.

Assessments, which are usually part of the awareness stage, can include quizzes or personality tests. While they may seem like their sole purpose is entertainment, they can also identify a consumer’s need. They are a great tool to get buyers to your page, encouraging them to continue looking around after finishing the assessment.

Calculators are the perfect tool for the evaluation stage of the buyer’s journey. They present information in a numeric format and attract leads by doing so. It’s a helpful asset that allows the buyer to form an opinion about your brand.

Interactive ebooks and white pages have been around for a while, yet they are still effective. As a tool to use in the decision stage of the buyer’s process, they provide more detailed information. Being interactive is beneficial as it breaks up the content, preventing the reader from losing interest.

While each of these requires different amounts of money, time and effort, there is no doubt that interactive content is the future of content marketing. There are unlimited possibilities as to how this content could look for your specific company, from the platform to the audience to the design. As the digital age continues to evolve, it only makes sense to market your business through interactive content and engage your potential buyers.