Facebook Happenings 2016

facebook happenings


Facebook is by far one of the easiest social media sites to use. Even when it updates we can still figure out the app in a few short minutes just by navigating it and teaching ourselves. I mean the majority of our grandparents have Facebook so how hard can it actually be to use?

There are several great new features that have been added to Facebook that you might not be aware of;

Search FYI is a feature that enables you to update the search tool and personalize results for Facebook users from their previous searches by providing them with current news stories and popular posts that are trending on Facebook.

Facebook has really stepped up their messenger game as well. With the new “business on messenger” feature, Facebook allows brands and companies to improve customer service by allowing customers to have personal, real time conversation. This will make the status of orders being shipped and confirmations of orders easily attainable to the customer, not to mention customer’s questions can be easily and quickly answered. Push notifications will also be used to notify customers when items they’ve been wanting come back in stock.

Facebook Live is another awesome feature that is pretty new, it allows people to broadcast live videos, in real time to all of their followers and friends with their mobile devices. Verified pages and profiles are the only ones who have access to this feature, with the exception of a select few iOS users. This feature is similar to video streaming apps that are already available to consumers but the difference with Facebook Live is that people do not have to build up a brand new audience; they can just use their existing audience on Facebook.

The last and, in my opinion, most exciting feature is the use of animated GIFs. These have been installed on the keyboard when you are messaging with people through Facebook. There are so many to choose from and all you have to do is search for what you are looking for. GIFs are by far the greatest way to enhance a conversation.

Whether you’re using Facebook to connect with old friends from high school or just use it to share funny pictures and videos, everyone can most likely benefit from at least one of these updates.