Pittsburgh Pipeline Digital Marketing Testimonial with CEO Joe Bergfeld

Abstrakt has loved getting to work with Pittsburgh Pipeline since 2014. CEO Joe Bergfeld discusses what is has been like working with Abstrakt from his perspective. Bergfeld has been a pleasure to work with as he is motivated, adaptable and very dedicated to his business.

“Well, I can say without equivocation that the alliance with Abstrakt wildly exceeded our expectations, and we had some pretty high expectations. We’re in a highly competitive market selling at commoditized products. Margins are very tight, and profits are not that high. The way that you win in that game is to achieve greater market share, and the greatest vehicle that we’ve found so far for vastly improving upon the market share that we have has been the link-up that we’ve done with Abstrakt. Our relationship brought Pittsburgh Pipes ranking from no visibility to high visibility on Google searches. We are very impressed with the number of our products and services that achieve that high ranking. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we’re very impressed with the results that we’ve achieved through the closing of sales that initiated with a contact with a prospect who was previously unknown to us.

As a result of Abstrakt’s collaboration, at a very early point in our relationship we gained a very large customer who were still selling today. The advice that I would give, and have given, to people considering a digital marketing firm is look, here are the things that they will do: They’ll agree with you on what success will look like, and then they’ll build and design a program that gets you to success. It takes work on the part of both the client and the team at Abstrakt, but it achieves great results.”