Take The Boring Out of Your B2B Social Media Marketing

Take The Boring Out Of Your B2b Marketing | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation SolutionsDo you feel as if you’re stuck in a rut with your company’s social media? If so, it’s time to change that.

With more and more companies taking on a snarky, clever voice on social media, you may feel like your accounts are boring and dry. Just because your company is in the B2B marketplace doesn’t mean its marketing has to be boring. It is possible to be interesting and professional in your marketing strategy.

One of the biggest mistakes B2B companies make is assuming its product or service is uninteresting due to its target market. If you believe in your product or service, then there should be nothing boring about it. Your messaging just may need a bit of work. Here are some examples of B2B companies having fun with their social media to kickstart your creativity.

For example, let’s say you are an HVAC system supplier. While HVAC equipment is important in providing acceptable air quality to both residential and commercial structures, some might not find it a glamorous product to market. That certainly does not mean your portfolio should consist of boring marketing materials. Be creative! For example, you could tweet joke like, “Why did the AC compressor sweat? Because it had to run all day!” along with a link to your contact information or website. Although it may sound silly, it is at least grabbing people’s attention which is what you want. Make your HVAC marketing strategy appealing and effective

To create effective social media campaigns for our partners (and their sales teams), many of which are in the B2B marketplace, we turn to our social media managers. Sure, social media marketing for B2B companies can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! When done correctly, your social media marketing should build brand awareness and most importantly, generate qualified leads.Social Media Marketing | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation Solutions

Think your digital marketing efforts need to be refreshed? Take a look at these suggestions for refurbishing social media strategy:

Be specific. If your product or service appeals to specific industries or niches, use industry-specific verbiage and knowledge to your advantage. This is also a great way to demonstrate that you actually know your product forward and backward, as an expert in your industry. Sharing industry-specific statistics and adding your input or linking to your website can also show your target market that you really know what you are doing within the industry.

Don’t be a robot. Since there is already a “boring” stigma around the B2B marketplace, the last thing your brand wants to do is fit the stereotype. Be unique and personable. Create a brand identity and use it to drive engagement on your social sites. Switch up the type of content you post on each site from time to time to keep social media users interested. Have fun with your content, don’t be afraid to steer away from serious and data-driven posts every once in a while. For example, during the heat of summer, your company could have a quirky tweet about the need for cool air or a functioning air conditioning unit during the summer months along with a link to their website. It can be fun, but still direct potential clients to your services.

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Utilize your media database. Photos and video can take you far; integrate both into your digital strategy. The average person gets distracted after eight seconds. Use those eight seconds wisely and engage users with your photos, videos and infographics, rather than throwing a lot of wordy information at them. The photos and videos certainly can be informative, but they are more likely to see engagement than text posts. In fact, eye-tracking studies have shown that readers spend more time looking at relevant images than they do reading the text on the page. Not every post necessarily needs a photo or video, but they can add variety to your social media platforms. Instagram is a great platform to showcase these photos and videos from your database.

Be consistent. Your brand personality can be presented in different ways, but the voice of your brand should be consistent across all platforms. As an example, you may feature more of your company culture on Instagram, but share relevant blogs on LinkedIn. It’s okay to have different approaches as long as it is always consistent; the last thing you want is confusion among your market. Consistency is one of the most important components of a successful marketing strategy.

Become a reliable resource. People need a reason to connect and engage with your brand. Regularly remind them of how valuable your brand is by highlighting ways your product or service can help simplify their life. You are the expert on your products and services. People should be able to come to your social media and learn about what your company can do for them. If your message is not obvious through your social media and website, how can you be a reliable source of information to your target market?


One of the top five B2B content marketing challenges is producing engaging content. Perhaps it is time for your company to think outside the box to create the unique content your target market expects. There may not be a secret marketing formula that can guarantee every B2B company’s success, however, these suggestions will assist your brand in building a strong foundation to find the formula that works best for your business model. Following these suggestions for revamping your social media can increase search engine optimization and lead generation. It is amazing the power social media can have for your brand equity!