Weekly Round Up: April 9 – 13

Happy Friday! Although it seemed like there weren’t any articles this week that didn’t revolve around Mark Zuckerberg, we managed to find 10! Below you’ll find our roundup of the 10 must-read articles from this week:  

must read articles


#1 Leadership: 4 Questions Every Great Leader Should Be Able to Answer

In this article, Inc’s Leigh Buckman details the four questions she believes every great leader should be able to answer. She writes, “By documenting what they expect from employees–and what employees can expect from them – CEOs diminish confusion and create a culture of continuous improvement.”

#2 SEO: How to Align SEO and Sales Teams So Everyone Benefits

Teamwork makes the dream work! Departments that work cohesively accomplish greater tasks in a more efficient manner, and this articles details that.

“If your sales and SEO teams need a refresher on how to work together, Search Engine Land’s Casie Gillette has the answer with five communication tips that will get them talking in no time.”

#3 Sales: 4 Tips to Create a Feedback Culture in Your Sales Organization

Giving and receiving feedback can be tough if you aren’t used to it. Check out how to make this a more common and frequent occurrence in your company.  

#4 Design: This is the New Gmail design

Gmail is getting a facelift! The new design and features look pretty sleek. You can see photos and demos of it all in this article.

#5 Social Media: 31 Genius Social Media Post Ideas to Steal for Your Brand

Shameless self-promotion here. We know it might seem monotonous creating daily social posts, so we’re helping you out. Check out Abstrakt’s blog that includes a social post idea for every day of the month!

#6 Workplace Culture: Five Ways to Assess Your Company’s Mysterious Culture

You may think you know your company and its culture – but do you really? By paying attention to these five aspects of your company, you can get an inside look at the true culture of your business.web development

#7 Web Development: Top 5 Best Websites to Learn Web Development

In any field, your learning doesn’t stop with just a college education. As technological advances are made and best practices change, it’s important to continue learning. This article includes five websites that offer free resources and teaching courses to grow your web development knowledge.

#8 Email Marketing: Behavioral Triggered Emails: Not Just for E-Commerce Anymore

Email marketing is an effective method of reaching new prospects, as well as engaging with current customers. There are a lot of ways to create and implement a strategy for email marketing, with goals like increasing open and click-through rates. This article focuses on building a strategy focused on consumer behavior.

“You may associate behaviorally triggered emails with e-commerce, but contributor Jose Cebrian explains scenarios that work for financial services, B2B, healthcare, travel and entertainment.”

#9 Blogging: Frustrated with Inconsistent Website Traffic? Try Blogging

86% of B2B companies are blogging – is yours? If you haven’t tried blogging or haven’t seen strong results from your efforts, check out this article. It offers advice and explains how blogging can impact website traffic. 

#10 People: Generation X — Not Millennials — is Changing the Nature of Work

Millennials tend to dominate the media, with stories about how they’re killing industries and expecting participation trophies. This article focuses on a lesser talked about group of people – Generation X. Check out how they have impacted the nature of work!


That wraps up this week! For more reading material, check out more of our blogs here.