A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager

After a nice weekend, sometimes it can be a struggle getting to work on a Monday morning. Knowing that I get to see my team and enjoy a nice workout during lunch makes Mondays better than they have ever been!


When I get to work in the morning, I grab my coffee that Abstrakt provides and get settled in. I log in to my computer, check emails and post interaction from the weekend prior and respond to each one.

The Social Media Management team meets on Mondays to discuss projects and tasks for the week. Any changes to client’s accounts or procedures are addressed in this meeting. It’s nice being involved in all the different client’s success and having the ability to offer ideas to other Social Media Managers. These meetings help get everyone excited for the day and week ahead!

Monday mornings are usually a heavy review day for most my clients because of reviews that come in on Saturdays and Sundays. Another great part of my job is working with my clients keep their reputation positive and helping them mitigate and negative issues that arise.


Monday’s at noon are one of my favorite times at Abstrakt! From 12-12:45 PM, we work out with our fitness coach, Tricia, either outside or on the recently completed first-floor recreation room. It’s a great way to get your work out in for the day! Following the workout, I come back up to the agency and eat lunch. This Monday, we had a birthday in the Agency, so we got to sing Happy Birthday and eat a cake one of our team members baked! Sometimes if I forget to bring a drink or don’t pack a lunch, I can go to the E-mart in the recreation room and get what I need. I am a huge soccer fan and love foosball, so sometimes after I eat I can get a quick game of foosball in with some fellow co-workers.


My Monday afternoons are spent writing social media content for my clients. I like to set a goal of finishing at least 5 or 6 content calendars on Monday. After the content is written, I go through and schedule each post in our scheduling platform. I choose the time and date of when I want each post to be sent and from what social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Typically, this brings me to the end of the day, but when I do have extra time in the afternoon, I like to come up with a few blog ideas for my clients that need blogs written in the following weeks.

I spend the last half hour of my day, checking and monitoring all my social media posts for the day. I take one last look at my client pages and my email, and head home to rest up for the next day!

One of the things that I love the most about Abstrakt is being a part of a team that likes to have fun, but also works hard and supports each other along the way! The atmosphere is great and we always get the chance to interact with each other, whether it is about work or fun. Abstrakt has really built a great team and I love being a part of it and having a direct impact on my client’s success.