YouTube: The future in home entertainment

Remember when YouTube was just a place where the new Johnny Knoxville could show off their mad skillz? Times have changed. This week, the second largest search engine (that’s YouTube, in case you missed that) announced that they would be branching out to a whole new arena—original programming.

Before you say: “They already have that! It’s called a web series.” We aren’t talking about crappy web shows filmed in some dude’s basement. We’re talking about high quality, large scale productions. Think Miami Vice—not Angry Video Game Nerd.

YouTube is planning on spending more than 100 million dollars to produce what they call “production-grade” programing. Plus, they’ve already inked deals with Warner Bros. and ShineReveille to produce the content. It’s not yet known if the service will be free or if it will require a fee, a la the YouTube on demand service.

What’s ol’ Reed Hastings thinking right about now? Not only has Netflix’s brand taken a beating the past few weeks – new competitors seem to be coming out of the wood work.

Sound off: Will you watch a YouTube original over your favorite network/cable program?

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