Writers Block is No Joke: Brainstorming Suggestions for Your Company Blog

Blogging is a way to set yourself or your business apart from the rest.  As a regular blogger, you can be seen as an educated leader in your field.  Sometimes though, it’s difficult to come up with topics that your readers actually care about.  No one likes getting stuck in that mental box.  First, check out these sites to help spark some ideas:

1.  Google Alerts emails you updates of relevant Google searches, based on the keywords you provide.

2.  Bottlenose helps businesses discover what’s trending on social media sites.

3.  Tweet Chats are like 2014’s chat rooms, but on Twitter.

4.  Quora is a question and answer site, featuring questions that have factual answers.

5.  Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator allows you to pick three keywords, and then gives you topics for a week of posts.


Here are some other ideas to help keep the gears going:

1.  Do an interview.

2.  Start a weekly feature.

3.  Do a review on a product or service.

4.  Read through your comments, and write based off questions raised.

5.  Attend industry events, or read industry blogs.

6.  Review your past hits, and revisit or do a sequel.

7.  Create a challenge- How many headlines can you come up with in 2 minutes?

8.  Read the news, at least you’ll know the content is current.

9.  Publish your case studies!

10.  Try YouTube or a Podcast to shake things up a bit.

Still stuck? Go for a walk, or take a day off.  Your brain must be in crazy overload mode!