Why You Should Share Your Success Stories More Often

Does your company feature case studies or client kudos on its website? If the answer is no, you may want to consider it. Why wouldn’t you? Answering my own question, I’d say people avoid sharing success stories for several reasons: they don’t have the time to put them together; they don’t have enough of the “great ones;” and they don’t want to come off as extremely self-absorbed. To the first two reasons I say make time since one is better than none. To the latter of the concerns, remember that if you can’t be confident in promoting your business, how do you expect to have customers confident in your abilities.

Many people hear the term case study and instantly begin to nod off – I used to be one of them. But as businesses evolve, so does the structure of many fundamental marketing pieces – the case study being one of them. Although many companies are still stuck on the traditional form of writing and releasing case studies, several have evolved into stories, presenting them in the same way they would any other portfolio piece. In retrospect, that is what they are anyways – a showpiece for your business.

When business is booming and growth is seemingly at every corner, a case study/success story is just another tool in your marketing arsenal. Not to mention, employees may enjoy sharing the piece to their online network – just think of the possibilities!