Why Encouraging Employee Social Media Engagement is Good for Business

In today’s workplace (especially in our industry), social media use comes with the territory. A couple of years ago it was considered inappropriate for work, but now employers are encouraging their employees to engage with their company’s social media sites. Why the switch? Because positive engagement from employees on your company’s social media channels is good for business.

You may be unsure if your employees can effectively manage their time, so it may call for their access to be limited. However, businesses around the country are seeing that the more active their employees are on their social sites, the greater their brand reach and the more successful their business. When it comes to social media, happy employees are one of your greatest advantages because they’re your brand advocates. Employees drive traffic to your sites and quickly improve your online influence through their personal connections. Who wouldn’t want

If your business hasn’t yet embraced the benefits of employee social media engagement, now is the time – because we can assure you that your competition is already making the move.

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