Who is Watching You?


Who is the ideal customer? There are probably many characteristics you can think of that you would desire in a customer: someone who can afford to pay their bills and pay them on time, someone who will use the product in the correct fashion, someone who will promote the product while they use it and maybe someone who has influence over a large number of people. But the most important person that you can reach is someone who wants what you have. Think about it: you could reach millions of people, but if not one of those million have a need or desire for your product, what is the point? Facebook has found a way to help solve this problem.

One of Facebook’s ad partners, Kenshoo Social, has introduced new technology that allows the company to access the users’ Google searches – meaning Facebook will now be able to see what it is that you searched for. Companies will be able to see not only that you visited their site, but they will know exactly what words you use to get there. This will allow them to direct ads at you within the social platform. They will tailor the pictures and advertisements you see to relate to exactly the words you searched for within Google.

This is a huge advantage for marketers for obvious reasons. If you as a marketer could show your product to someone that you already know is interested in it, then you are already a step ahead.  You won’t have to waste your time – or more importantly, your money – showing your ads to people who really have no interest or need for your product. Facebook is really changing the game with this new technology. Social media advertising is becoming more revolutionary by the day.