Who Ever Said Blogging was Easy?

In last month’s Not Blogging? Big Mistake blog post, we explained that blogging has numerous benefits for a business, and by not blogging, it can cost you. With business blogs popping up all the time, creating a great content has become difficult. But establishing your blog as an industry resource in your field can make your business more credible to customers and other professionals.

Here are a few tips to transforming your blog into a valuable resource:

  • Stay active within your blog – Transforming your business blog into the central hub doesn’t happen overnight. You have to be active within your blog community; successful blogging is an activity that requires your constant attention and if you aren’t on top of it, audiences will move to another blog that they find more relevant.
  • blogimageStay relevant – Write about trends and topics relevant to your target audience. If you update daily, don’t write about a topic that is several days old.
  • Post regularly – This may seem easy, but too many blogs are forgotten because the writer forgets to blog or they figure that there aren’t enough readers so there is no point. WRONG. Posting consistently, whether it’s once a day, a week or a month shows consistency and reliability within your business.
  • Mix it up – Instead of writing content-based posts, mix it up with interviews from other professionals, tips or even a short video. This keeps your content fresh and interesting to your audience.
  • Emphasize social media – Promote your blog on all of your social media networks and make sure it is easy to for people to share.
  • Be SEO-friendly – SEO stands for search engine optimization. Identify key words that are searched for in your field and incorporate those terms into your title and body of your blog post. The more often your terms appear in the post, the easier it is to search for. However, keep in mind that keyword stuffing will penalize you with search engines.
  • Comment on other blogs – Connect with other blogs and professionals that are in your field. This can help you build your audience and help find relevant content for your own blog.

There are a lot of factors that go into creating a great blog. Sometimes, all your blog needs is a helping hand. At Abstrakt Marketing Group, our agency can help you develop your blog and social media presence. Each of our Attrakt Blogging Packages includes: content strategy, management playbook, custom design and more. Interested? Contact us today to get the ball rolling!