When Saying Nothing is an Acceptable Choice – #Respect

In the hours that followed the horrific events at the Boston Marathon on Monday, we were quickly bombarded with graphic images and sympathetic, opinionated and insensitive messages (and everything in-between) on  social sites. It is always during these times of tragedy that we find ourselves reminding one another that sometimes it’s OK to just not say anything.

Social media outlets have become the go-to place for people to respond to events, stay informed and connect with friends and family. For this reason, it’s important for us as companies to remember that tragedy is not a time for self-serving behavior and it’s not a time to run promotions and campaigns with insensitive messaging. In fact, it’s a time to be human. It’s a time to show compassion. Most importantly, it’s time to sit back and remember what is most important.

Social sites serve as a resource to many individuals affected by tragedy. Google Person Finder is even acting as a tool for individuals who are trying to find their loved ones. As professional organizations add to that social conversation, it’s vital that we’re not distributing unverified facts and making assumptions. As the country moves forward, let’s try to remember to stay respectful and supportive in our social conversations and reflect.

From all of us at Abstrakt Marketing Group, our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by the tragic events in Boston.