When is it okay to automate your marketing?

What the heck is marketing automation anyway?  Sounds to me like replacing your marketing team with robots.  Specifically, it involves new software platforms that organize and automate repetitive marketing tasks.  So when should your business start automating?  Ask yourself these questions before you start:

-Is there a good amount of new business coming in?

-Are you researching prospects’ online behaviors across multiple media channels?

-Is your staff working overtime to keep up with the number of leads they’re given?

-Do you have a content marketing strategy in place to guide your prospect through the sales funnel?

If you answered yes to these questions, you might want to consider automating.  Keep in mind though, that marketing automating doesn’t replace your current marketing efforts.  Rather, it is a tool that helps us with what we’re currently doing.

The biggest mistake you can make is sounding like a robot.  Communication should feel like it’s coming from a real person, and is being delivered to a real person.  Don’t automate if you’re not ready.  Make sure you’ve answered yes to the questions above before considering this.  Jumping in this direction too quickly can label your business as “Spammer of the Year!”