What Your Social Strategy Can Learn from the Maker’s Mark Mistake

Earlier this month, the famous whiskey brand Maker’s Mark released news that they would be cutting the amount of alcohol in their product from 45 to 42 percent (or 84 proof instead of 90 proof). You might be wondering, “Why do I care?” But the announcement sent brand supporters and social followers into a frenzy, causing quite the PR nightmare for the company. But it’s how the brand handled the feedback that we want to talk about.

In took just a day for Maker’s Mark to realize the change was not one that would benefit the company enough to proceed. With countless social backlash, the brand took note and responded to their audience. Making a point to acknowledge that customer concerns were taken into account, the brand released a message to their social community stating “You spoke. We listened.” The phrase became an instant hit on Twitter, the hashtag was trending and fans and followers felt appreciated.

We can’t always predict how a brand action will go over with our client base, but one thing we can take away from Maker Mark’s experience is that it’s how you respond to the negative feedback that will make or break your brand. It can make you and it can just as quickly break you – don’t underestimate the power of social media.