What Is Snapchat Up To?


Snapchat is a tool that allows people to take and share pictures that disappear after a short period of time. Since coming into existence in 2011, Snapchat has been mostly used for sharing pictures between friends. It has been used to keep up with others and mess around with friends. There were a small number of people using it as a marketing tool. That number has grown a little bit over the years, but Snapchat is looking to make that number grow even higher.   It seems to be attempting to enter a market where they were only a small member before. Snapchat is testing out the use of new filters that contain brand names and logos.

Snapchat has begun to allow a select few companies to test out their customizable filter that contains a company logo. They will be able to take a snap as usual, but during the editing step they will add their own logo and brand name. This may be a way to entice more companies to increase their Snapchat use for advertising. This new feature could fit well with the other new feature that Snapchat is implementing as well: the Our Story function. The Our Story function will allow users to contribute their own snaps to a larger story about a certain event. The event that all the snaps will be gathered from such as a concert or festival will create a story and show all the contributed snaps from users. This could be a huge opportunity to add your brand name and logo to a snap that will be seen by everyone who views the story.

Snapchat may just be on to something with these new features. When used in tandem with each other, it will allow companies to advertise within Snapchat. Advertising within these stories will allow you to be able to focus in on certain target markets based upon the majority of people who are interested in the event. Snapchat’s addition of the logo filters and our story may just be the new way of advertising.