What Have We Learned from #NBCfail?

Many of us have been waiting in eager anticipation for the 2012 Summer Olympics, only to be utterly disappointed by the coverage that NBC has delivered. As much as we’ve geared up for the events, news has been buzzing about the impact social media would have on this year’s events coverage – although it’s unlikely the networks were anticipating the negative response that we’re seeing.

After hours of delayed and less than diverse coverage, viewers took to social media to relay their distaste for the NBC network. The hashtags #NBCfail and #NBCsucks have taken over the twitterverse and reminding other brands out there to learn from NBC’s erpic epic customer service mistake.

What we’ve learned from this week’s Olympic games and coverage:

  • In a social media world, consumers are resourceful – meaning if you don’t provide them with the information they are looking for they will turn somewhere else. Keep your customers informed and they will be more likely to stay loyal to your brand.
  • Over-advertising negatively impacts your business as much, if not more, than not advertising at all. The endless stream of advertisements during NBC’s Olympic coverage has not been overlooked by viewers, either.
  • When customers are unhappy and voice those complaints on social media, remember to provide your customers with consistent and top-quality feedback.

Customer service mistakes are going to happen, but as we’ve seen with NBC, it’s how you recover from those mistakes that ultimately determine the fate of your brand reputation.

What have you learned from this week’s events?