Weekly Reads That Are Worth Your Time

With so much content produced regularly there is no way we could read every worthy industry article out there. We’re all trying to corner our market by being the ones who release the next best content, but sometimes it’s already out there. We’re all about giving props to those who deserve it when we come across a article that makes an impact. This week these are some reads we think are certainly worth your time.

The Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers – Forbes

“Which women social media experts have the strongest, most active followings? In that sense which are the real power influencers?” Find out in Forbes recent release.  This post is a great look at the women who are currently influencing the social media industry.

How to perform real-time marketing that doesn’t suck –PR Daily

It’s always refreshing to read an article that lays it out exactly how it is, without the fluff.  Shel Holtz, with PR Daily, reviews some real-time marketing strategies that we’re already aware of while giving insight and examples of how other successful brands are using them.

How to use content marketing and Twitter Cards to boost your app downloads – Econsultancy

Mobile has been the topic of conversation a lot lately as it pertains to marketing. Econsultancy explains how Twitter Cards can drive more traffic and increase app downloads – which is pretty much a win-win for any business.

Stay tuned for the latest in social media and full service advertising.