Website CTAs

ctaUsing calls to action on your website can help generate leads to your business.  There are a number of ways to encourage the user to act, but this call should be clearly displayed.  Where to position these CTA buttons depend on what kind of leads you’re looking for.  First, you can place the calls to action within your content, so interested viewers can reach out while on your site.  Second, you can pin buttons to the site, keeping the CTA in view no matter what page, or where on the page the viewer is.  Either option gives the viewer an opportunity to reach out to your business.  This will give you their contact information, and gives you an already interested lead to pursue.

Want interested leads to come to you?  Here are some examples of calls to action you can incorporate on your website:

Contact us- Your business should already have a phone number easily seen in the header of your website.  This allows viewers with questions about your business to reach out right away.  Placing a contact us page on your site allows viewers a chance to learn about your business, and then reach out for more information.  This button should be placed on every page of your site, linking to a landing page with easy to fill out forms.

Asset Download- This form of “gating” places a form in front of content.  Asking leads to give you their information to see your content is becoming more and more common.

Chat- Anymore, many customers do their own research on a product or service.  Offering a chat option gives them a platform to ask questions, without having to pick up the phone and call.

Subscriptions- Placing a short form at the top of your website is a good way to grab emails from viewers.  Offer them subscriptions to your email program, to your company blog or even to a resource center for tips and questions.  This way, the user is opting-in to be shown information.

Contests- It can seem cheesy, but contests entice the viewer to give you their information.  This is another good way to promote social sharing.  Be sure to include “Share on Facebook” and “Re-Tweet” buttons with these contests.

Any of these examples are good ways to grab information from your website’s viewers.  If they’re on your site, they’re interested in what you have to say.  Let your website do some of your lead generation for you!