Vine won’t fall without a fight

By now it is clear that Vine, the popular mobile app owned by Twitter, has been facing some big competition from arch-nemesis Instagram. Last month Vine had what Instagram didn’t: video. So as Vine exploded to the top, billion-dollar behemoth Instagram pulled its resources together, because, hey, Instagram doesn’t like the idea of second place. The day that Instagram launched the creatively-designed video feature (filters, oh my!), Vine’s usage and sharing began to decline.

I felt bad for Vine. Discovering this app early on, it was exciting to watch it climb from 500 users to 13 million. So as their self-proclaimed cheerleader, I was silently ‘hoorah-ing’ when I saw this unique spin Honda took involving their customers on Vine.

For their Summer Clearance Sale, Honda asked fans to Tweet their car problems using the hashtag, #wantnewcar. Sounds like an ordinary strategy, right? However, how Honda responded took this marketing lure to the next level. The company replied throughout the day to Tweets by posting hilariously crafted six second videos to Vine. Below is my favorite example:


(Vine video)

What do you think of their ingenious interaction with customers? It evades the frequent problem of impersonality a large business often faces.

And as for Vine, I think they have the art of simplicity on their side. A quick six second video is manageable and only requires some creativity. Particularly after examples like this, I am no longer afraid of Vine’s fall into oblivion.

-Today’s blog post brought to you by our newest intern, Emily Smith-