Vine or Instagram Video – Why Don’t We Just Call It Facebook vs. Twitter

vine vs instagram videoRemember when Twitter acquired Vine in 2012 and everyone was talking about it? How about when Facebook acquired Instagram? Both social companies have been making moves to better their social experience over the last year and they aren’t slowing down.

There have been a lot of online conversations regarding Vine’s growth over the past few months as Vine social shares have surpassed Instagram photo shares on Twitter. Vine seemed to be making quite a bit of headway in the mobile video advertising market, too. Then comes Instagram/Facebook’s foray into video and suddenly Vine is brought back to reality.

Immediately following the launch of Instagram Video, Vine shares on Twitter dropped severely. Now the two apps are in a battle for the number one spot, but we should really just call this a Twitter vs. Facebook battle since those are the driving forces.So who will come out on top? Time will tell, but we won’t be surprised if Instagram video holds strong since it’s simply an extension of the current Instagram app.

Have you tried one or both of these apps? If so, let us know what you think — we want to know which side you’re on.