Video Conferencing: Vastly Changing the Workplace

Workplace organization is no longer just a phone and a computer, shoved inside of a cubicle, from 9am until 5pm. As the times have changed, so has the way we do business; workplace organization no longer has limitations. People are working from home, from their phones, while they travel and during non-traditional hours. Video conferencing is a large contributor to the way many people now conduct their business priorities. Using video conferencing makes smart business sense…and here’s why:

You Save Money

People who travel a lot for their job will tell you: it’s insanely expensive. Even if the company is paying for the travel, the costs do add up. With video conferencing, you can avoid the stress of reservations for travel arrangements and get right to the important part — connecting with the clients.

It’s Flexible and Virtually Limitless

A videoconference can include as many or—as little number of people—as so desired. Individuals can log in from locations around the globe at the same time. Additionally, people can access the link through different outlets, including mobile. Trying to organize a meeting can be more stressful than the meeting itself, coordinating dates and times ends up wasting more time than the entire meeting itself. Individuals are finding the convenience of video conferencing trumps all other benefits.  An additional benefit to video conferencing is that someone can join in at any time, blending the line between work-life and home-life.

Video conferencing can’t add time to the day, but it is certainly saving people time. There are countless types of video conferencing, all of which are simple to learn. We all find ourselves overwhelmed and overworked at times; maybe video conferencing will help your company to make your world a little simpler.