Using YouTube to Build Your Brand

youtube image

We’ve already covered why YouTube Still Reigns. Since YouTube is not going away anytime soon and continues to grow, it’s a great way to help build your brand and engage consumers. Because content created for the platform is optimal for sharing on other social networks, YouTube is an important outlet businesses should be integrating into their social media strategies. It is so important because having a strong video presence can give your other social networks an increase in engagement.

Here are some tips for successful YouTube video creation:

  • Give consumers the answers they’re looking for. Consumers turn to YouTube to educate themselves on products or even view tutorials on how to do something. The Home Depot has succeeded at this – they have dozens of videos on how to complete various improvements around your home.
  • Being short and sweet is crucial. Storytelling is a great way to get consumers engaged, but keeping the attention of consumers can be difficult. On average, over half of consumers will stop watching a video by the 60-second mark. Only 10 percent of consumers had stopped watching just 10 seconds in. GEICO has succeeded in producing several videos that were around 30 seconds – many have gone viral and have become Internet memes, which we all know is great for marketing. These videos are effective because they are short, but still get the brand’s message across and helps build a relationship with consumers.
  • Allow consumers to interact with your brand. Zappos is dominating the social media world with their videos. Besides having storylines that consumers are attracted to, they give consumers the opportunity to purchase the items in the video. This “snapshot” feature they use pauses freezes these videos to highlight a certain item in it. Consumers are linked to the company’s website where they can purchase the items viewed in the video.

Having a social media strategy that takes advantage of multiple social networking platforms is crucial to growing your business.             Abstrakt offers full agency services and we can work with you to develop a strategic plan for your social media outreach.