Using Vine to Build Your Brand

Earlier this year, we first talked about Vine and how it would face competition from Instragram’s new video feature. Well I have good news my friends – Vine has not only survived, but it is thriving. So why should your business care about using Vine? With over 40 million users, it is the fastest growing app of 2013.  That is a lot of consumers you could be reaching! Vine is another great platform to have in your business’ social media toolkit. In general, most content on Vine tends to be entertaining – this opens up the door for a great opportunity to build both your brand and relationships with consumers. VineImage

Here are some creative uses for vine:

Behind the scenes look. One mistake that many businesses make is not having a “face” to their company. In a social-media-driven world, it is important to not just be a logo – let consumers know a little about the people that make up your company! Vine is a quick and easy way to give consumers a look at what goes on behind the scenes and see a little bit of the “culture” of your company. The more your business feels like a person, the better!

Holidays. Holidays can be a great time to raise awareness about your brand through some creative advertising. Vine is a great medium for creating short, entertaining videos that raise awareness for your business and engage consumers. If done well, these released-at-the-right moment ads can build awareness for your company and build strength into your brand – the more people talking about you and sharing, aka “revining,” your content, the stronger your brand becomes. Oreo and Tide recently were very successful in using Vine to celebrate Halloween.

Tutorials. One of the most important things your business needs to do on social media is offer content that is useful to consumers. How-to videos are a great way to provide them with content and information that they can use! Vine allows you to create short videos that are not only entertaining, but show them how to do something they have interest in. Lowes is a company that is dominating the how-to Vine scene right now.

Engaging Consumers. All of your forms of social media need to be geared towards engaging consumers, but Vine is unique in that you can easily respond to consumers in video format in a short period of time. A company that is excelling in consumer engagement via Vine is Honda. Customizing responses to consumers not only will encourage more people to engage with your company, but help establish you as the go-to authority in your industry. People will turn to the company they know will answers their questions and interact with them – be that company!

Video content is increasingly becoming important for businesses. Whether it is just a six-second Vine or a complete commercial, Abstrakt Marketing has you covered. Offering complete agency services, we can create engaging video content for your business. Contact us to get started.