Using Social Media to Tap Into Your Fan Base

One Direction. Chevy. Taco Bell. Whether it is a band, an automotive company or a restaurant chain, chances are that there’s that one brand you’re crazy about. Go review your profile on the social network of your choice – even if you’re not über-passionate about something, you’ve more than likely recently mentioned several brands without thinking about it. Personally, I’ve mentioned 6 or 7 brands in a positive light in the last two weeks on my personal Facebook page. There are consumers out there mentioning and talking about your brand on a regular basis. With that, here are some tips on jumping in on these conversations.

Search for them. There are tons of people out there talking about your brand. Whether they comment on your Facebook page, mention you in a tweet, or tag you on Instagram, there are plenty of methods consumers can use to talk about you. Twitter and Instagram are great because even if people don’t directly mention your account, you can do a search for your brand and see where it is being mentioned.

Engage them. What do you do once you find these consumers talking about you? Engage them! Like their post, retweet or reply to them – just make sure that you don’t leave them hanging. By engaging them, you help keep the conversation about your brand going and increase the chances of more people joining in.

Give them a reason. The great thing about social media is that anyone, anywhere, anytime can publish something. With all this publishing power, why should they talk about you? Give them a reason! Whether it is because you regularly engage with others or because you held a contest, you need to give consumers a reason to talk about your brand.

Do you want to start tapping into your fan base but don’t know where to begin? Abstrakt Marketing Group understands how important connecting with and engaging consumers on social media is. From social media management to complete advertising services, we have all your marketing needs covered. Reach out to us and we can start growing your business!