Using LinkedIn as Part of Your Loyalty Marketing Strategy

Having a loyalty marketing strategy in place is essential for every business. What exactly is loyalty marketing? Rather than focus on getting new customers interested in your product or service, loyalty marketing reaches out to consumers who are already customers. LinkedIn is a great tool to use for building relationships with consumers through loyalty marketing.

As the social network for professionals, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with current customers. The first thing your business needs to do as part of its loyalty marketing strategy? Start a group. Your business should do several things from the get-go:

  • Give background information about your company and what exactly it does. Consumers enjoy knowing the “who” behind companies they buy from.
  • Start conversations with consumers. Conversations lead to relationships; relationships lead to increased consumer trust and sales.
  • Offer incentives to consumers you are targeting. Provide special offers exclusive to those in the group or for being the first people to hear about company news or promotions.

Your goal is to create conversations and engage people who are already interested in your products, services or brand. By building relationships through loyalty marketing, you can turn consumers into brand ambassadors. These people become a great source of marketing for your company.

Do you want to start engaging consumers on social media but do not know where to start? Abstrakt Marketing Group can help. We offer full-agency services and can develop a custom social media strategy tailored to your business. Contact us to find out what we can do to help grow your business!