Unexpected Insight on Storytelling from Kevin Spacey

This year, Kevin Spacey was featured as the keynote speaker at Content Marketing World 2014. Although we were unable to attend the event, we did follow it closely and we found ourselves wondering, “what could Kevin Spacey possibly teach us about content marketing?” Well, if you followed the event on any social platform you probably found that we weren’t the only ones asking ourselves that question; however, once the keynote began, we were pleasantly surprised.

One piece of his presentation that hit home with us was Spacey’s take on authenticity. He reminded us to “be mindful of falling into the trap of looking for keywords or quick hits to boost their ranking on Google..” and to “stay true to your brand and true to your voice and audiences will respond to that authenticity with enthusiasm and passion.”

This was just a piece of the unexpected insight offered up by Spacey during his keynote. To view highlights from his entire presentation check out the video below.