Twitter Makes Moves to Link Social & Lead Gen

The biggest concern we hear from business owners regarding the use of social media is, “How do we measure conversion rates and it’s correlation to lead generation?” If you’re going to be spending the time, you want to know that you’re getting business out of it. Twitter seems to grasp this concept and is currently implementing a new ad unit that will give companies a way to generate leads directly from their Tweets.

According to Twitter, their new technology, Twitter Cards, will “make it possible for you to attach media experiences to Tweets that link to your content.” The goal behind these changes is to give advertisers additional ways to drive traffic to their website, increase Twitter interaction on your brand page and give advertisers more control over how their content is displayed.

The new technology is still in the testing process so the full functionality of it is yet to be seen, however we can certainly see the appeal for brands. If Twitter Cards deliver all that they are expecting to, advertisers may be making more room in their budgets for Twitter this year.