Traditional and Digital Media Coupling Together

Trying to select between traditional and digital media is a common dilemma. On one hand, you can’t go wrong with a 30-second spot on a national television network like NBC and their digital partners. On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with a big campaign poster that can be featured on bus stop sheds, street level windows or even billboards. Depending on your attitude, it may simply come down to the reach.

Whatever your feelings on the two, it’s more important to realize that traditional and digital media belong in the same conversation and the same playing field. The two platforms work remarkably well together through cross-promotion. Social media amplifies traditional media, and traditional media clarifies social media.

Just when you think that you can only experience the rush of reading exciting breaking news tweets and Facebook posts by having your own account, traditional media outlets have become a prominent vehicle for the dissemination of such information. For example, The Today Show runs major headlines during the program and show screenshots of the tweets and Facebook posts related to the topic.

In the same breath, let’s take note of the fact that social media has become a treasure trove of testimonials. Somehow the best ones always make their presence felt on TV commercials, headline news, or in the case of the brand Trident Layers, passionate tweets that filled an entire full-page ad in USA Today.

You may ask yourself, “So, what’s your point?”. The point here is that there is no need to shape traditional and digital media as opponents. Furthermore, there’s no reason not to partner them together. In fact, they make a rather good couple.

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