Timing is Everything

Email is one of the most common marketing tools used by businesses in today’s marketplace. It is hand down one of the easiest ways to increase exposure and grow your bottom line. Email will allow your company to reach a large number of people in a short period of time. This kind of exposure is must more difficult to achieve through more traditional advertising methods. It is not to say to stop using those other outlets, but  consider using email to accomplish goals the others cannot. Content is a key aspect to increasing user interaction within email, but it’s not everything. In a recent study, MailChimp discovered that the optimal times to send email and the results may be incredibly useful in planning your next campaign.

The study was done in order to determine what email send-times would achieve the best results within different age groups. The first study targeted college students, forty-something’s, and individuals over retirement age. As expected the older the groups peaked much earlier than the younger. The optimal time for college students turned out to be around 1 PM. This was a much different than the 9 and 10 AM times for the forties and retired groups. The study continued to go on and break down optimal send times based upon country and job type. This data can be very useful in increasing views and interaction with your emails. Find full results of the study here.

Email is an essential marketing tool that should be utilized by every company looking to increase their sales and grow their business. Although useful, it can be tough to master. Abstrakt has been using email marketing for years and has achieved incredible results. We know how to grab the attention of your clients and hold it. Our proven techniques will help your company achieve growth and increased sales. Contact us to see what we can do for you.