Three Ways to Clean Up Your Facebook Profile in the New Year

Now that we’re officially past the first week of 2012 and I’ve already completed (or totally failed) all my own resolutions, it’s time to take it to social media. Every year, we resolve to do better in our social lives by making more friends or getting in shape or not ordering Domino’s every night at 11:55. Whatever our resolutions are, many of us overlook our social profiles.

Yes, I’m talking Facebook.

With many people opting in to Timeline, it might be the perfect time to take a minute and clean up your profile. Whether you’ve looking to impress your ex-boyfriend or your new boss, check out these three tips on how to clean up your profile (and keep it clean) in the new year:

Social media agency St. Louis1. Know More About Facebook. If it feels like something is new every time you get on Facebook, that’s because it probably is. The best way to not look like a fool on Facebook is to learn Facebook. Did you know you can customize who sees your next status update? Or delete a post from your timeline? Now you do.

2. What “About” Me?  If you’re like me, the last time you updated your profile’s “About” section was the first time you filled it out. In which case, I hope we’ve all grown and evolved since that time. For 2012, resolve to update this information so your interests are less “beer and pizza” and more “reading and traveling.” Or whatever it is you like to do now.

3. Know Your Privacy Settings. The casual Facebook user today is so concerned about their “privacy,” and yet they also know nothing about it. The best way to keep what’s private still private is by knowing about your own privacy settings and how to edit them. Step 1: Go to the drop down menu next to your name and “Home.” Click on it. Click on “Privacy Settings.” Step 2: Change them accordingly.

Bonus Pro Tip: If something looks too good to be true, it is. That latest app you opted-in for “free tickets on Southwest”? Abort mission. It’s about to spam all your friends.

If learning all about Facebook and its intricacies is just too much, don’t worry – that’s our job. Stay tuned to the Abstrakt blog for more tips!

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