Three Things You Needed to Know About Facebook Yesterday

If you were too busy counting how many Carnival Cruise Line failures there were in the past year, you might have missed some big-ish announcements and developments with Facebook. So without sending you to (Google it, it will be ironic), let us present to you the three things you needed to know about Facebook yesterday.

1. New News Feed. Hopefully if you’re an avid reader of our blog, you learned about the latest developments in Facebook’s News Feed. We think this will be one users only complain about for a few days instead of a few weeks. With bigger pictures and feeds broken down by subject, you’ll be wasting even more of your time on Facebook every day.

2. Updated profiles.  If you’re like me, you weren’t a fan of Timeline’s tendency to “zig zag” between stories. How do I know where chronologically this story is if it’s diagonal from another? Your profile will be getting a bit of a face-lift that should be both easier to use and easier to look at, as the Huffington Post explains.

3. Privacy setting updates. I’ve been seeing a lot of messages in my News Feed about how Facebook did X which caused Y to your privacy settings. And if you don’t repost this message, your friend will have no choice but to defriend you. Well I’m putting my foot down. Facebook is usually transparent with the privacy updates and SNAFUs. Before taking your friend’s advice, just do a quick Google search. You might learn something.

Have some feedback on the News Feed or profile updates? Or think I’m dead wrong on this privacy settings ordeal? Leave us a comment!