The Value of Authorship on Blogs

Ever read a great article that you started to really believe until you realized there was no publish date, publisher, company logo or proof of credibility? Where’s the logic in that? It’s true that you can’t believe everything you hear – or read – but it makes it a little easier when there’s credibility behind content.

The connection between author and content is proving to be more important online than in print. Why? Virtually anyone can post anything on a webpage at any given time. There is no reason that I – as an automobile idiot – should be providing an informational blog on how to change a flat tire on a pickup truck. But I can. And what if I did? Would you believe me? Or what if I published that how-to-change-a-flat-tire blog 15 years ago and the proper way to change a flat has changed in recent years? That does you no good. Several times in college I came across great articles that I wanted to cite in a research paper until I realized the research was published when I was three years old. That’s a no-go.

What’s often missing in the online world are those necessary (subtle) hints of credibility that help us to decide who is trustworthy in the non-virtual world. For example, the confidence in someone’s voice when speaking or simple eye contact that helps us to determine if someone knows what he or she is rambling about. So how can we accomplish feeling a sense of trust and truth in what we read online? In all honesty, you may never truly know. However, an author’s name and title is one way to start.

Before you can trust me as the writer of this blog, you have to trust my brand – Abstrakt Marketing Group. The challenge is that there are likely over 500 other blog posts similar to mine – all written by professional bloggers, content developers, digital strategists, marketing gurus or someone bored and jobless. However – of those 500+ blogs – how many indicate who the writer is and what entitles them to author it?

Provided is a sense of authorship (and sign-off) so you can click away from your screen with a little more trust in my brand and my post:

Blog Publish Date: Friday, April 6th, 2012
Author: Alex Vaenberg
Title: Project Manager at Abstrakt Marketing Group
Business Services: Multimedia marketing, content development, brand strategy
Education: University of Missouri-Columbia (Business Management and Communication)

And there ya go.