The Ultimate Meme: A Road Map for a Hit

Unless you’ve been hiding under some sort of anti-Internet rock, you’ve probably seen hundreds of memes online. Most of the memes you see posted are for personal use – a Grumpy Cat meme about not having coffee Monday would fall into this category. The owners of the cat that inspired the Grumpy Cat meme have turned viral pictures of their famous frowning feline into a business – they now sell merchandise—even coffee! So how can you grow your business using memes?

Memes can strategically help get people talking about your brand. One example of a company using a meme for marketing is Wonderful Pistachios, a Bakersfield, California-based peanut snack maker. They created a spoof ad for their product based on the “Honey Badger Don’t Care” meme. In addition, companies like Six Flags, Google, Pepsi, and Facebook took advantage of another Internet phenomenon, The Harlem Shake, earlier this year. While the viral videos were not around

Here are some suggestions on using memes effectively for your business.

  • Jump onboard qmeme_marketinguickly. Don’t wait till the meme is played out. is a great source to look at and see what is currently being shared and what is popular. If something is gaining a significant amount of popularity, don’t wait till it’s too late to take advantage..
  • Relevant to your audience. The meme needs to resonate and engage your audience – if something isn’t fairly mainstream (the Harlem Shake was considered to be mainstream), do research to see what your target audience is saying about it. Using a meme that doesn’t resonate with your audience can do more harm than good.
  • Budget enough time and creativity. Simply reproducing the meme is not enough. Try to put your company’s own unique spin on it and helps to build your brand.
  • Distribute the meme correctly. Social media is a great way to distribute your finished product. Facebook and Pinterest are some of the fastest ways to them to a large audience.
  • When popularity wanes, stop using it. Memes are popular because of the fresh content they offer your audience. Using a meme that is past its life span can negatively impact the perception
  •  people have on your brand.

Using new techniques to market your business is essential to staying fresh and unique in consumers’ eyes. Abstrakt employs all of the latest and greatest marketing techniques to promote your brand and engage your target audience. Contacts us today to discuss ways we can help grow your business!