The Power of the Picture

I’ve never met anybody who didn’t love a good infographic. And the good news for your business is that, why yes, images can actually help improve your visibility. This whole time you have been concentrated on writing keyword dense blogs and backlinking for your business development. As it turns out, there’s another component to be considering: photos.

There are entire sites dedicated just to hosting images these days: Flickr, Photobucket, SmugMug. So how can you use them?

For starters, if you haven’t noticed, Google brings up image results whenever you do a search. If you search for “car dealership,” not only will you be getting results for news and places that pertain to car dealerships, but also image results. If your SEO blogging isn’t strong enough to get your website to the top of the results, your image could be. Yes, images have SEO value too.

With these google search results, you’ve also got an opportunity to showcase yourself as an authority – charts, graphs and infographics can also have SEO value and say a lot about your business. Say somebody wants to know about an emerging trend in your industry and you just happened to have created a graph breaking it down. That will show up in search results, inform searches and likely get them to click through to your actual website. For text-driven SEO, people will spend hours just planting links to get a click through to your website – with an image, you can upload and be done with it.

Some people’s brains are simply geared towards learning through visual stimulants. They could be searching for graphics to help edify a topic and you could easily provide it with one of your graphics. You might not be a world class photographer uploading your latest shots to Flickr, but in terms of business development, you can’t go wrong adding a bit of visual flavor to your website and Google’s search results.

  1. Ivan Temelkov
    Ivan Temelkov says:

    Point made Shannon. An image is worth a thousand words and will help improve your organic visibility. There are ways that images can contribute to your business website and if executed properly will help drive traffic to your pages.

    Thanks for sharing!