The Power of Promoted Pins


A short time ago Pinterest stepped into the marketing fight. They opened up their site to a few major companies to some small advertising. They now have announced that they are expanding their marketing efforts: they will now be offering advertising to all businesses of any size. They now feel they are ready to enter the world of online social media marketing. They want to cash in where there is money being made.

Pinterest will be offering what they call promoted pins. Setting up the advertising will be easy.   They will be offering a do-it-yourself tool that will allow a company to set up their own pins. These pins will show up when the user searches a certain word or phrase. They will be located with every other pin on the screen. This sort of advertising may be better than Twitter or Facebook. You will be allowed to show your ads to the people who want your products. The basis of Pinterest is for people to pin things that they want or like. They pin things that they could potentially buy. If a company knew what a person wanted to buy, they could send out deals or advertisements that may entice them to fully commit and make the purchase. Pinterest will also be offering an analytics tool that will allow companies to receive information that is usable. It will contain data about impressions, clicks, repins, etc. This data is important because Pinterest will be charging for their ads by click.

The advertising that Pinterest will be offering can really revolutionize social media marketing. Since you will be able to single out customers that you know are interested and wanting to buy your product, you really have an advantage. Facebook really has tried to keep up by integrating search engine words into their ads, but Pinterest still has an advantage due to the fact that Pinterest is all about products people want.