The New Look That is Taking Over Social Media

Remember last week’s blog post discussing MySpace’s new look? It seems that other platforms are also changing their looks in a similar way. StumbleUpon and Digg are also sporting similar styles to the trendy platform, Pinterest.


Horizontal rows, short descriptions and large images – the design is apparently a win for social media, which makes sense why as other sites are replicating it. The new look for SumbleUpon integrates categories into the headers of posts, differentiating the categories by color. Mimicking the functionality of Pinterest, the new StumbleUpon design pulls images to feature for a post instead of grabbing a screenshot of the page in question. This is great news for companies looking to utilize the site for content sharing and giving their post a bit of a customized visual.

Now at the top of your StumbleUpon page you will notice the option to separate Stumbles by your interest, activity, things that are trending and lists. Lists, similar to boards on Pinterest, allow you to collect, organize and share personalized collections of Stumbles. Now is the time to try it out and tell us what you think. Did StumbleUpon make a good move or is the design too similar to other platforms on the market? Leave us your thoughts.