The Most Important and Most Overlooked Piece of an Email Marketing Campaign


“What’s a target list?” If this were Jeopardy, many of you out there would get this wrong. It would be easy to answer with, “What’s a subject line” or “What’s a call-to-action,” but those come along much later in the process.

Email marketing begins and ends with your database. If you’re a business interested in launching an email marketing campaign, but you have no interest in growing a quality target list, we’d have to ask you: what’s the point? Of course we want expansive target lists – however, it all starts with the opt-in form and advances from there.

Now, once we’ve moved on from there we can talk about those pesky subject lines. Behind a trusted “from” address, your subject line is the number one driver of email opens. You subject line should be clear and concise, yet creative.

And finally, the entire purpose behind executing an email campaign for your business – conversions! The easiest way to design your emails for conversions is by including content that provides value to your subscribers. If you’re more worried about the visual appeal but spend little to no time on the content itself, you’re doing nothing more than wasting time and resources while simultaneously landing in your target’s junk mail folder. Wrap it all up with a easy to follow call-to-action and you’ll be well on your way to success.