The Kickoff of Your B2B Pinterest

I will admit, I’m not really the “Pinterest Pro,” but I have looked to brands for inspiration.  For example, Nordstrom is likely the most popular brand on Pinterest, with over 4.4 million followers.  Naturally, most businesses are selling a product or service that isn’t as visually appealing as pair of Manolo shoes.  So what kind of content should these companies post?  Here’s a good place to start:

* When creating your 1st board on Pinterest, keep the “5 + 5 + 2 Model” in mind.  A good mix of work and fun is the way to do it, so post more than your own content.

  • 5 boards your audience loves
  • 5 boards your audience has a hard time finding
  • 2 boards centered around your company

-Visual content you already have:  If you have images from a company party, pictures from around the office, or portraits of the executive team, post these.  This is a good way to humanize the brand to your fans.  Don’t forget to link to an “about me” page on your website, and include employee bios.

-Infographics:  For some reason, infographics are extremely popular on Pinterest.  The main reason for this is that they take up more space, so always try to pin vertically.

-Happy customers:  Share images of your happy customers; this is a great way to get new happy customers.  Keep in mind what is popular in their minds, and what resonates with them.

 -Strong visuals: Say your business isn’t heavy with visual content. In that case, use strong images to draw them to your written content.  Linking back to your website or blog can bring you more measurable conversions anyway!

-Ebook Covers/ White Pages:  Pin a sneak peak of something that would normally be found behind a gated form.  This can give you their information, and help with lead generation efforts.

-Calls-to-action:  Contests on Pinterest are popular, as long as you’re not “spammy” about it.  Use this as a way to get traffic to your website, and other social media sites.

These are just a few tips to get your business’s Pinterest board started.  If you’re lost, check out some of the brands who are doing it right:  HootSuite, GE, Constant Contact, and Hubspot.