The Importance of Having an Identity

The launch of a new business is an exciting time for everyone involved. The goal from inception is very simple: have a long-lasting impact in your industry. In order for this to be accomplished, you must first establish an identity. Deciding upon a corporate identity can be a very trying task, but it is essential in building brand awareness in the marketplace.Once your marketing team decides on the direction they want to take the company brand, it’s time to start the implementation process.  For any upstart, the initial goal is to get your name out there and get people talking. Of course, where you go from here is going to depend on the industry and target audience, but one thing everyone loves—no matter the target—is promotional stuff!

When a new coffee shop opens up in town, the first thing many an owner might do is hold a grand opening event—even before they open their doors. For everyone who attends, they’re treated in a first-class way: served with free food and drinks, door prizes and promotional items that proudly display the name and logo of the shop. Such promo items may include t-shirts, pens, key chains—handy items that can easily be at arm’s reach and provide immediate brand awareness, both at the same time.

For a business like a new coffee shop, getting people to switch their taste preferences is no easy task, but reaching out to them in a very noninvasive way, like throwing a party and giving away schwag, is an easy way to establish your company’s brand in an oversaturated market.

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