The Highs and Lows that Accompany Social Media Moods

Ever have a feeling of frustration after you get off of the phone with a telemarketer? Well, some social media users have that same feeling during their social networking experience.

Social media has the power to positively and negatively impact user’s emotions, and marketing across social media platforms plays a large part in that process. According to the 2012 Nielsen Social Report, 76% of users feel positive after their social networking experience. The positive for marketers is that social advertising has always been a generally accepted part of the social media experience.

Experience has shown us time and time again that less is more when it comes to social ads and self-promotional posts. Don’t bombard your fans with constant sales messages -they will get worn out quickly. Include fans in social conversation and show them the more personal side of the company through posts that highlight company culture. Even using your social profiles for customer service outlets will get a better response than shoving products and services in your fan’s face.

How do you ensure that your social marketing messages aren’t eliciting the wrong emotional response from your fans?